Commanders It looks like the new Borg officers have been adapting and improving their skill set over the last two weeks and as a result, both Borg Queen and Borg Gossa are getting a little extra firepower to their below deck abilities: Borg Queen Below Deck Ability: The One Who is Many- [] Star Trek Fleet Command Hostile Drops (NPC Drops), Star Trek Fleet Command Jellyfish Parts Mission Guide. Maximum value: 1000%, Five of Ten increases the Loot received from Hostiles by a percentage rank 1 Value: 20% Rank 5 Value: 100%. Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Assignments. Furthermore, you will also need a level 17 shipyard. ago. (PvE), Tritanium Hunter Shev increases the Tritanium rewards for defeating a Hostile by 25%. Murder! Orion Corvette Home Engineer When defending the Station, Zahra increases the Weapon Damage by 5%. Strengthener MRal increases the total Attack of all Officers on the ship by 10%. The Orion Corvette requires 15 blueprints to build. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the website. System Requirements. Starfleet Command II Expansion--Orion Pirates features an improved user interface and crew voices, 12 new single-player campaigns, and 12 new multiplayer missions. Disrupting Field Yuki Sulu decreases the Shield Health of the opponents ship by 10% for each round. They can be found at: Rigellian Hunters are Interceptor hostiles that drop Parsteel when defeated. Wife of a Dahar As long as the opponent ship has a Hull Breach, Mara decreases its Dodge by 20% at the end of each round. Windows 8 or 10 1.1 GHz Processor 2 GB RAM 2GB of disk space . 4.4 or later 152 MB of disk space . An Orion corvette. If you'd like to help out with updating the wiki, click here for a list of all new items and content! No Negotiations Kuron has a 50% chance to automatically reload the first Kinetic Shot. Thanks. Game is a blast and plays well. Emergency Repairs As long as the ship is in the Station, Keenser increases its Hull Health by 20%. They dont drop very often. 'Thank You, STARSHIP CLASS Deneva (15) and nearby systems: Labac (17) and Obilent (17). Interceptor Trainer Darwin increases the Ship Experience gained on Interceptors by 20%. Dogs of War If the ship deals a Critical Hit to the opponents ship while it has a Hull Breach, Chang has a 30% chance of delaying its next weapon attack by 1 round. You'll need to have completed, "Unlock Fortunate" research as well. Weapons Expert Carol increases the Weapon Damage by 20%. My guess is the higher level ships drop more, higher drop rate than the lower level ones. By clicking Accept you consent to the use of all cookies. Defenses are irrelevant When attacking an Armada Target, every time the ship hits the opponent with a weapon attack, Six of Ten increases the Accuracy, Armor Piercing, and Shield Piercing of the ship by 5% of the total Attack of all officers on the ship. This represents a stat buff that has been granted via a Syndicate Tier. I was able to source those in about 10 minutes. Explorer Trainer Hendorff increases the Ship Experience gained on Explorers by 20%. Owner/Creator Paramount Picturesand/orCBS Studios, Star Trek Fleet Command Blueprint Calculator (Updated), Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command. The first step to this three-piece puzzle is the Botany Bay. At the beginning of each round, Lorca has a (50% 60% 70% 75% 80%) chance of dealing a Hull Breach to the opponents ship for two rounds. Hi, I'm Tim Trott. (STO mission: "Stranded in Space"), In February 2409, several Orion corvettes were part of a flotilla attacking the Federation freighter SS Azura in the Vulcan sector. Plasma Backlash Every time the opponent is hit by an energy weapon, Arix has a 10% chance of Burning it. (Decius) Seven of Ten has a chance to add two shots to every weapon fire against Borg targets. +4 to warp range for Explorers. Starfleet Command II Expansion--Orion Pirates, features an improved user interface and crew voices, 12 new single-player campaigns, and 12 new multiplayer missions. amzn_assoc_asins = "0399539549"; TM & CBS Studios Inc. 2021 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Knowledgeable Increases the Weapon Damage of the ship by 5%. It's nothing to look at. ago. 115 Opla (20) and nearby systems: Freyda (17), Gelvin (19) and Dalukerinborva (18). This collection of Star Trek Fleet Command Hostile Drops that sorts each faction by the loot they drop so you can easily find out what system to farm specific materials from and what hostiles you need to pew-pew. Goes up to 50% with maximum Synergy Bonus. This is my website, a place for me to share my experiences, knowledge and photography. In my opinion, all of the other Orion ships to appear are more interesting. What is EVE Online - The Space Based MMORPG, My Top 10 Video Games of All Time - Personal Top 10 Games, This Controller Turns Your Android Phone Into A Steam Deck, Be the first of your friends to like this. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Unflinching Resolve When attacking a Station, Joachim decreases the Weapon Damage of all opponents Ships and Defense Platforms by 10%. Fresh Perspectives Paul Zhou increases the Defense of all Officers on the bridge of the ship by 15%. Star Trek Fleet Command MMO Gaming. Officer Presets is a way for players to save their favorite and most useful combination of officers in order to easily swap in and out crews to the upper decks based on their activities. Suilneimhe (8) and nearby systems: Bernin (8), Maglynn (8), Moston (8) and Pyr (8). Joy in Vengeance At the beginning of each round, if the opponents ship is Burning, Nero increases the Damage of the weapons by 40%. Thank you. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. You can access the feature through the new icon on the HUD and will be able to: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you are new to this channel so that you don't miss out on my new videosApart from all that HOPE you enjoy this new video, AY AYWhere I get my music from - WHO WE AREALWAYS LRH | This is a pattern type cookie set by Google Analytics, where the pattern element on the name contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to. When defending, TOS Leonard McCoy increases the Shield Deflection, Armor, and Dodge of the ship by 300% of the Health of all officers on the ship. Note: Players will see the tag on all bundles that can be affected by the Syndicate Tiers whether or not they are currently affected. Description: The Orions use the Corvette as a nimble smuggling vessel, but it is strong enough in a firefight to act as a viable warship. They will have "swirly" art in the Galaxy Map so you can easily identify their location, and their names are as follows. Ship Abilities are always active. The network of the brutal intergalactic crime families known as the Orion Pirates are loose in the galaxy. 2999 If the opponent has hull breach, increase mitigation by 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100% of Health (cumulative). Ranking Fire When the ship has Morale, Sulu increases the total damage made by Energy Weapons by 15%. Once any amount of Syndicate XP has been received players will be able to claim the daily free chest. Adapt As Necessary When on a ship that can use cloaking, decreases the cloaking cooldown by30%. Creating Opportunities When the ship hits the opponent with a Critical Hit, Gorkon has a 70% chance of causing a Hull Breach for three rounds on the opponents ship. Tim Trott is a creative photographer, traveller, astronomer and software engineer with a passion for self-growth and a desire for personal challenge. Kepler-018 (20) and nearby systems: Aciben (17), Eisenhorn (19) and Vemet (17). They can be found in systems level 8 through 12: Orion Traitors are Explorer hostiles that drop Tritanium when defeated. Hashed email address may be checked against Gravatar service to retrieve avatars. Fithis (8) and nearby systems: Cara Alpha (8), Cara Beta (8), Minnea (8) and Rosenburg (8). (PvE), Battleship Specialist When inside a Battleship, Komal increases Weapon Damage against players by 20%. Romulan Tactitian When the ships Hull Health goes under 70%, Charvanek has an 80% chance of Burning the opponent for 3 rounds. Scopely is not affiliated with this content nor has it endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved it. Starfleet eliminated all Syndicate ships and installations in the system. The Ultimate Con: Reduce opponents damage for 1 round every time youre hit (Armadas only), Down But Never Out: Increase all damage (significantly) when your shields are depleted, Chance of having a 98% shield mitigation in the first two rounds. (PvE), Modifications Chen increases the Dodge, Shields Deflection, and Armor of the ship by 20% against Hostiles. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, License Fair Use Images from Star Trek are copyrighted, but used here under Fair Use guidelines. My reasoning is that I'm looking to make as many ships as possible be in color for the Ships menu in the upper left pop out. Auxiliary craft: Battleship Trainer Frank Leslie increases the Ship Experience gained on Battleships by 20% each turn. decreases the Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge of all non-Armada opponents by 5%, 12%, 15%, 18%, 20%. Reinforcements If the ship is a Battleship, Javaid increases its Armor by 15%. Vemet decreases its Shield Health by an amount equal to 20% of the Health of all Officers on the ship. Its nothing to look at. Shatter Defenses As long as the opponents ship is Burning, Djaoki decreases the opponents crew Health by 20%. "THE ORION CORVETTE! amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Kohva[15], Andvaris [15], Omtose (16), Caldik [16], Altamid [17], Herias [18], Ezani [19], Beta Vordunn [20], Klaiz [22], Er'Yozun [24], Alpha Horunia [26], Ortek [28], Von [30], Fyrsta [32], Dalogn [35], Lahrel [24], Sayo [26], Redmond [28], Fontaine [30], Adelphi [32]. Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2016. Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the adventurous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command, the free to play mobile game. This expansion is a stand-alone game which doesn't require you to have SFC2:EAW already installed! While probably worth a few bucks to get the original discs, Orion Pirates, like other old games, can be found on several Abandonware sites for free. Cry Havoc As long as the opponents ship Hull Health is under 60%, Chang increases the Damage of the weapons by 10%. This cookies is set by Youtube and is used to track the views of embedded videos. These increases scale with the players level so even if they are unlocked at Ops level 10 the buffs will continue to increase with the players level. 3. Federation Contacts Krell increases the Damage against Federation ships by 25% of the crews Defense. This is a complete list of all the Star Trek Fleet Command Officers and a list of all captain and officer abilities. This expansion is a stand-alone game which doesn't require you to have SFC2:EAW already installed! Please try again. Quick Victory Gorkon increases the chances of dealing a Critical Hit by 10% for the first 2 Rounds. Shady Methods At the start of the battle, Alexander Marcus increases the Shield Piercing of the ship by 100% of the Defense of the crew on the ship. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them. Takret Militia are Battleship hostiles that drop Tritanium when defeated. Leader As long as the ship has Morale, Kirk gives all Officers on the ship a bonus of 40% to all their stats. However, the multiplier will not be applied if you have tiered up after you completed a daily reward that you have not claimed yet. Being a long time player of SFB I fell in love with this game and I feel it is one of the best games ever written. Beckett Mariner increases the Attack of all Officers on the ship by 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 30%. Goes up to 60% at Rank 5. Fighting Spirit Increases the Attack of all the Officers on the ship by 10%. Orion system, orion explorers, 50 or so for bp. Unwavering Loyalty increases the ships Dodge by 200%, 500%, 800%, 1100%, 1400% of total Crew Defense. This cookie is set by the Cookie Consent solution. Civilized Persistence When fighting other players, decreases the enemys Critical Hit Chance by 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6% every time the ship scores a hit. For more information, see Scopelys Fan Content Policy. Base value: 200%. Mistakes Were Made: At the start of each round, Pan has a 25% chance of applying a Hull Breach to his own ship for 3 rounds. This is a new ship that you can unlock, but to get it, first you need blueprints. (PvP), Explorer Specialist When inside an Explorer, Rukor increases the Weapon Damage against players by 20%. What is Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)? Applied Science When defending your Station, Carol decreases the Weapon Damage from opponents by 40%. History Repeats Itself Marla increases the Repair Speed of the ship by 20%. When defending against a player, reduce the enemys Armor Piercing by (40%, 80%, 120%, 160%, 200%.). The Corvettes ship ability is a bonus to the ships maximum hull health, this starts out at a 10, and maxes out at level 20 at 110. The point of attacking lower level ships is to be able to attack more without repairing. Increases to 100% Chances with maximum Synergy Bonus. They can be found at: Systems that will be containing Swarm Hostiles are spread throughout the galaxy. At the start of combat, when defending from a players attack, decreases the opponents shield health by 10% of its starting shield health. Advanced Training Christopher Pike increases the Ship XP earned by combat by 20%. Evasive Maneuvers When the shields are depleted during a battle, Kerla increases the Dodge of the ship by 50%. Tellun (7) and nearby systems: Aker (4), Forhingre (6), Takik (4), Vinland (4) and Winber (6). Orion Corvette. Star Trek: Starfleet Command II Expansion--Orion Pirates allows gamers to experience the dark side of the Star Trek universe. Whee! Klingon Valor increases the ships Weapon Damage by25%. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. You'll need a level 22 shipyard, and the Unlock Vahklas research to build a Vahklas. (PvE), Justice Dealer If the opponent is a Hostile, Shev increases the damage of the Energy Weapons of the ship by 5%. Star Trek: Fleet Command Store. Goes up to 50% with maximum Synergy Bonus. corvette, frigate If you're using old (as in more than 6 months old) drivers for your video card, sound card or even (in my case) your microsoft keyboard then prepare to have a really bad time with getting this game to run more than a few First off a caveat: This game is riddled with bugs! Overmatch If the opponents ship is an Explorer, Vella increases the damage of weapons by 10%. (STO mission: "Stranded in Space"), Orion corvettes were among the forces guarding Syndicate drydocks in the Bhea star system. Critical Strike increases the Critical Hit Damage of the ship by 8%. Open Them Up As long as the opponents ship has a Hull Breach, Koth increases the damage dealt by Kinetic Weapons by 5%. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Fight or Flight increases the Warp Range of the ship by 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 15%, Diversify Increase mining speed by 25%, 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, Cut Corners If You Need To Reduce protected cargo by 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, Rely on Nobody increases the Repair Cost Efficiency of the ship by 40%. Warp Theory Increases the Warp Distance of the ship by 3. Rigellian Destroyers are Interceptor hostiles that drop Parsteel when defeated. (STO mission: "Bhea System Patrol"), When the miners of the Kei system rejected paying money for protection, four groups of Orion raiders attacked the mining facilities. This cookie is set by the provider Spotify. Increase Mycelium Cost Efficiency for Jump and Towingby 20%. The cookie is used to store information of how visitors use a website and helps in creating an analytics report of how the website is doing. Blood and Honor When the ship gets a Hull Breach from the opponent, Qaug increases Accuracy by 30%. ,
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